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these programs as possible. we have already declassified unprecedented information about the nsa. but we can go further. so at my direction the department of justice will make public the legal rational for the government's collection activities under section 215 of the patriot act. the nsa is taking steps to put in place a full-time civil liberties and privacy officer. and released information that details its mission, authorities and oversight. and finally the intelligence community is creating a web site that will serve as a hub for further transparency. and this will give americans and the world the ability to learn more about what our intelligence communities does and what it doesn't do; how it carries out its mission; and why it does so. fourth, we're forming a high-level group of outside experts to review our entire intelligence communications technologies. we need new thinking for a newera. we now have to unravel terrorist plots by finding a needle in a hey stake of global telecommunications. and meanwhile technology has given governments, including our own, unprecedented capability to m
at the national level with the nsa in some hot water again. a ruling from the secret court in 2011 came down on the nsa for collecting and storing thousands of emails from fellow americans. those messages were not related to terrorism. our political insider phil matier sat down with nate car doe so from the electronic frontier foundation. we asked him if the nsa was still reading our emails right now. >> so it's our understanding that, yes, there is a computer looking for the keywords. however, if it finds the keywords and an actual person reads it, if it doesn't, they are storing it any way for up to five years. >> so big brother is watching. we'll have extended interview on the online privacy debate sunday on kpix 5 this morning starting at 7:30 a.m. we hope you join us for that. >>> and your weekend starts in about 16 minutes, sir. >> we're not counting down, are we? >> no. it's friday! >>> we are getting ready for the weekend. we have some changes coming our way for the weekend. today is going to be a nice day although low clouds and fog slow to break up outside. you can see it hanging o
after nsa leaker edward snowden made it into russia. white house spokesman jay carney said president obama is extremely disappointed that russia approved his asylum request which is good for one year. his lawyers showed the government paperwork that allows his client to leave the moscow airport. snowden spent more than a month living there waiting for his papers. the u.s. has demanded that russia send snowden home to face prosecution for espionage. the president vladimir putin dismissed the request. >>> secretary of state john kerry is expected to resume high-level talks in pakistan today working on a security agreement that would allow american forces to stay in afghanistan beyond 2014. the move is to reassure the united states is not abandoning the region. no word on how many troops would remain but kerry says americans would train afghan forces and carry out commando raids against terrorist cells. >>> a kidnap victim stood up to her tormenter today in court. >> day turned into night, night turned into day. years turned into eternity. nobody should ever have to go through what i we
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3